Hello dear friends, 

In the frigid center of the busiest week of new york dance, I'm showing a new trio called SHIFT.

I'd really love if you'd stop by, grab a drink and share your thoughts. After years of exploring in the world of WITNESS, I've spent the past year improvising in a different head space. This week, we're performing an exploratory score in that new world. 

SHIFT emboldens the capacity for triumph through the exploration of personal pasts. In this place of raw, and perhaps even wild, inquiry, it becomes possible for a catalytic moment of hope to be found amidst the most banal of occurrences. 

On Thursday January 15 at 8 pm, Emmakate Geisdorf, Lindsay Head and I will perform at The Green Building as part of GAP's First Look series. 

It's an insanely beautiful venue off the Union St R / Carroll St FG near the Gowanus Canal. 

Tickets are available for $15 here. We'll be sharing a program with ChristinaNoel and the Creature, Yin Yue Dance, Zoe Rabinowitz and Vinny DePonto. 

All the best,