Rift investigates the relationship between a man and woman through moments of tender alliance, stark isolation, and palpable disturbance.

Megan Kendzior and Kevin Chu question ideas of solitude and harmony while exposing delicate, vulnerable and dark facets of the human experience.

Ana Fiore, Sarah Konner, Stephanie Mas and Josh Stansbury are called into the space to provide a glimpse of utopia in a fleeting and grandiose gesture of repetitive action. When they leave, we question if they were ever really there.

Rift, created in 2012, actively questioned the role of the 'witness' in performance and the potential for performance to transcend time, experiencing ideas of both past and present between one moment and the next. 

This work displays a commitment to active citizenship through the constant questioning of value systems and cultural reference points. The work, created in collaboration with Dylan Kammerer, acts almost as a reconciliation of self and displays ideas of despair and hope, love and loss.

”Within all of this rich layered research is a deep personal history with Eastern European folk dance that stems from my Polish ancestry and familial background.” -Megan Kendzior

The process involved intense discussion, collaborative movement generation, building of personal context within a historical research objective and the use of site specific improvisation to distill the work to its core. 

Research was conducted in both New York and in rural Montana. Upon returning from a month of solo investigation in the wilderness, Megan set a quartet on Ana Fiore, Sarah Konner, Stephanie Mas, and Joshua Stansbury. Kevin Chu replaced Dylan Kammerer for the Fresh Tracks performances at New York Live Arts.